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We find ways to grant you money.

We are glad you are here! We’d love to see you!  Would you consider putting your photo in your profile? It makes the community much more personal. Thanks for not using a logo.

Do you have a web site you can post? (A Facebook page is fine if you do not have a website.) Please fill out your profile. This helps us because we have had spam attacks which usually come from incomplete profiles. We remove blank or unusual profiles after 30 days.

How did you hear about us?

From time to time, I’ll refer people to your profile page on this site. The default setting is for your “Profile Information” box to be at the bottom of your “My Page.” Could you click on your “My Page” link in the top menu of the Grant Writers home page? Scroll down, find your “Profile Information,” and drag and drop your “Profile Information” box to the top of the page (above Latest Activity,” etc.) so it is easier for others to see who you are when they check out your profile page. You can arrange the different boxes (profile info, latest activity, videos, blogs, etc.) in any order you prefer.

I just think it looks best to have your profile information at the top.


Dr. Drew

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